Faraldo  Auction

Located in the Lonxa de A Coruña, national leader in unloading of fresh fish and shellfish

Fish and sellfish

​We auction daily the different fish and shellfish from the Galician coast boats and from other fishing grounds from where they arrive by land transport to the port of A Coruña.

Subastas Faraldo has a human team that mediates day by day between shipowners and accredited professional buyers. They are our customers and we assume their expectations for optimal product management as our own.

Fish auction since 1968

Species such as hake, horse mackerel, sea bass, octopus, red mullet, conger eel, haddock, etc., are auctioned daily and also others in season such as white tuna or mackerel.

We operate daily from the A Coruña fish market

Contact us

TLF: +34 981 171 172
FAX: +34 881 897 983