Isaac Lema Fishmongers

At Isaac Lema we come from a long family tradition of fishermen, shipowners, and seafood merchants.

Fresh fish and shellfish

From our central warehouses in the port of A Coruña we receive daily fish and shellfish from the main fishing grounds

Market fish

Processed refrigerated

Market shellfish

Isaac Lema Fishmongers

A company committed to quality, freshness and variety in the sale of fresh and processed seafood.

We take pride in providing our customers with delicious and nutritious products, highlighting the unique flavors that the ocean brings us.

Our services

Fish and shellfish from the Galician markets 

Galicia is known for its rich fishing tradition and for having some of the best seafood in the world.

As distributors we contribute to bringing high quality seafood to consumers.

Sustainability and commitment to the marine environment

We work closely with local fishermen and fish farmers to ensure that our products are fresh and sustainable, always respecting quality standards and environmental responsibility.

Traceability and food safety

Traceability is a fundamental element in our company.

Each batch of fish is labeled with a unique code that allows our clients and consumers to access detailed information on its origin, method of capture, packaging and transport date, among other relevant data.

This ensures that our products are fully traceable, providing transparency and trust throughout the entire supply chain.

Service and customer support

We understand the importance of punctuality and efficiency in the delivery service.

We work with refrigerated transport methods and reliable logistics to ensure that our products arrive fresh and at the agreed time to our customers.

We value the satisfaction of our customers and ensure that each order is handled with care and precision.

Click & Collect

Order it online and pick it up at our facilities

You have at your disposal the Click & Collect service (order online and pick up in our warehouse) that allows you to make your purchases through our App or our website and pick it up on the day and time you prefer.

This service gives you the flexibility you need to place your order online from wherever and whenever you want. Enjoy a comfortable, fast and no-wait pick-up. We prepare everything. You just have to come pick it up.

Contact us

TLF: +34 981 171 172
FAX: +34 881 897 983