Market fish

Processed refrigerated

Market shellfish

Import fish

Frozen fish

Cefalópodos La Naviera

Frozen cephalopods

Mariscos Congelados

Frozen shellfish

Conservas artesanas

Artisan canned fish

High quality raw material

Sustainable products of the highest quality, worked responsibly and adapted to the needs of each client.

Click & Collect

Order it online and pick it up at our ship

You have at your disposal the Click & Collect service (order online and pick up in our warehouse) that allows you to make your purchases through our App or our website and pick it up on the day and time you prefer.

This service gives you the flexibility you need to place your order online when you want and from where you want. Enjoy a comfortable, fast and no-wait pick-up. We prepare everything. You just have to come pick it up.

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